Black Friday? Better – BLUE Friday!

We will write directly – we are not supporters of black friday . And not because we regret the promotion – they are already waiting to surprise you pleasantly. So what’s the problem?

The fashion for Black Friday sales has come to us from the far west and for several years it has been more and more spread between autumn and winter holidays. The Friday sales benefit customers who can buy goods at lower prices, but also sellers – in many stores (data from the US) on that day the highest turnover during the year is recorded. So a win-win situation! What’s the problem?!

garbage on the beach

The problem is much more complex. Hundreds of tons of garbage end up in the oceans every day. Rubbish, most of which could be successfully recycled. Garbage, most of which might not be produced successfully. The idea of Black Friday is only driving the downward spiral of consumerism that is responsible for the global increase in pollution and global warming. Consumerism where the most important thing is to have things in itself. In which mediocrity and trash prevail.

This is where the idea of Blue Friday comes in, initiated by the United By Blue organization, whose primary goal is to clean the oceans of debris floating in them and which encourages the organization of joint cleaning actions (not only oceans), which can help the natural environment.

How does the Rubidis brand support the idea of blue Friday?

We strive to ensure that the products we offer are of the highest quality. Both our glasses and the accessories available from us are designed to serve you for many years. We verify our suppliers and the intermediates they offer. We want you to get top-shelf products. We strive to ensure that all products come from Poland or the furthest from Europe, where the strictest standards related to the emission of pollutants in all production processes apply.

And on November 26, 2021 we are going to clean the nearby forest (unfortunately we do not have the ocean in sight). What we encourage you to do. And after all #talk with colors 🙂


beautiful sea bay