Glasses for colorblinds – model: CHARLIE (mirror coating)


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One of our bestsellers. Simple design with metallic inserts, delicate but good filter.

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New model for 2019. Subtle holder in classic style with metallic insert. The improved filter allows you to better distinguish colors with the same lens color.
Model: Charlie
Filter power: 1 *
Purpose: Unisex
Size: A-56; B-17; C-142 **

* What does the filter power mean?
The stronger the filter (the larger the number), the better the separation of red and green color – it is easier to distinguish these colors to people with deuteranomalalia. At the same time, lenses are usually correspondingly darker, which increases the visual disturbance of other colors.
The force filter (1) is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
The filter with strength (4) is suitable for use in the open with very high sunlight.

** How do I read the size of my glasses?
A – lens width
B – width of the sternum (above the nose)
C – length of the earmeds

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